Article processing charge (APC)


REVISTA RELIGACIÓN (ISSN 2477-9083) is an open-access journal that offers immediate, free, and public availability on the public internet, allowing any user to read, download, copy, distribute, search or link to the full text of all published articles.

RELIGACIÓN, does not receive public funding but is partially sponsored by CICSHAL, a private academic institution. It offers open and immediate online access to published articles (Gold Open Access). This access entails costs associated with both the publication process and the services required for publication. Despite the voluntary work carried out in the journal, these costs are not covered. This implies article processing costs (APC) that from January 2020 must be covered by the authors once the article has been accepted.

The Article Processing Charge (APC) is a financial contribution requested from authors or institutions that support authors in order to support the development of the journal, i.e. to meet our fees for website maintenance, payment of article editing software (Microsoft Office, Adobe), anti-plagiarism software, CrossRef membership and DOI assignment for each article, as well as support for the editorial team, online publishing, and long-term archiving, etc.

In this way we are able to provide high-quality articles at no charge to readers, ensuring that articles receive the greatest exposure and potential impact associated with open access publishing.

What is the APC fee?
From 2024: 150 USD + transaction fees

When should I pay the APC fee?
1. After peer review and confirmation of acceptance of the article, the author will receive an e-mail with the approval notification to pay the APC fee.
2. After making the contribution, send the proof of payment by e-mail with the subject: article submission number and your name. E-mail:
3. The author will receive an invoice for the contribution made.

What if you are unable to pay the APC fee?
Contact the journal. The administrative management will review the reasons and justifications when any author requests a partial or total waiver.
In each issue, the journal subsidizes the APC fee for some articles, so that the contribution does not become a limitation for the publication of the article.





150 USD + 10% fee. Total: 165 USD



If you pay by RiaMoney or MoneyGram, a total of 165 USD, please request the wire transfer information to the following email address:





If you have purchased the APA 7 editing and adaptation service, please proceed with payment: