Call for dossier topic proposals 2021-2022

(ISSN 2477-9083)


The Board of Directors will evaluate all the proposals at the end of the term established for the call (August 25, 2020).



Please fill in the required data in the following section:


We are opening a call for proposals for dossier topics for our issues. Themes must be in line with our editorial policies and guidelines always in relation to the social sciences and humanities with a global perspective. This dossier proposal must be submitted by a maximum of two researchers from different countries and / or affiliations.


The selected editors will have the following functions, as Guest Editor (G.I): Topic

a) The G.I will be in charge of choosing the topic of the Dossier after agreeing with the director of the journal.


a) Based on the topic, the G.I will write the justification for the proposed topic. This proposal must have a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 400 words.

b) Add specifically: "Topics of special interest to this dossier" (Minimum 4 specific topics).

- Theme
- Justification
- Special topics of interest (describe at least 4 topics that you want to highlight)
- References

Brief summary of the G.I

a) The G.I is asked to attach together with the text of the call a brief summary of his professional career.


a) The G.I must invite and confirm the submission of papers for the Dossier of outstanding researchers, academics or professionals.

b) In addition to the personal invitations made by the G.I, the journal will make public the call to receive papers from those interested.

Receipt of articles

a) The articles of the Dossier will be sent to the mail of the G.I with a copy to the mail of the journal (

b) The G.I will be in charge of selecting the articles that in its opinion should be evaluated after publication.

c) The minimum number of dossier articles will be 6. Of these, all or at least 50% must be written in Spanish.

d) The languages ​​of the journal will be: Spanish (predominant), English and Portuguese.

If you or any other colleague is interested and is suitable to work as a thematic editor in RELIGACIÓN, you can send your proposal at the following link: