| Religación Journal  will receive articles throughout the year |


As of August 2023, it becomes a multidisciplinary journal. The journal is able to receive articles from all fields of science.

Continuous publication

The journal has decided to opt for the continuous publication system, starting with issue 29.

What does this mean?

Before issue 29, the journal published 4 issues per year, at the end of March, June, September, December. That is, it was expected to reach the publication date and upload all approved articles in one upload.

Under the new system, issues will be open until the end of the issue period. In other words, any article that passes the peer review phase will be published immediately, without waiting for the month of publication to arrive, as was previously the case.

Issues will be closed at the end of the periodicity established by the journal.

How will the new system benefit the author?

The publication time is reduced, of course without reducing the quality of the review of the article. It helps the quick circulation of the paper.


How should I cite an article?

From Issue 29 onwards each Journal paper will be paginated such that its first page is number 1. We recognize that readers don’t use page numbers to navigate an online journal but do need each paper to be individually numbered for pinpoint references (referencing a specific point within a given article).

Instead of using page numbers to cite an article within a volume, a unique article identifier is used. This will appear in the "How to cite" section.

Jiménez Vargas, A. P. (2021). The animus of Francesco Petrarca: Materials for a reconstruction of the relation between the human and the world. Resistances. Journal of the Philosophy of History2(3), e21050.