Impact of Credit Unions on financial inclusion: an analysis of their contribution to social empowerment

  • Flor Ximena Poveda Valverde Universidad Estatal de Bolivar – Ecuador
Keywords: Financial inclusion; Credit Unions; financial services; Credit access; Empowerment.


Financial inclusion, defined as the accessibility and availability of financial services for all individuals and businesses, is a crucial aspect of socioeconomic development. This study aims to analyze the impact of Credit Unions on improving financial inclusion. Credit Unions are member-owned financial institutions that prioritize community-based financial services. Through a comprehensive literature review and empirical analysis, this paper examines how Credit Unions have contributed to expanding access to financial resources, fostering savings habits, facilitating access to credit, and promoting a sense of ownership and empowerment in marginalized communities. The results show that financial inclusion is an overarching goal of credit unions and conclude that financial inclusion will lead to more equitable and empowered societies.


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Author Biography

Flor Ximena Poveda Valverde, Universidad Estatal de Bolivar – Ecuador

Magíster en Gerencia Empresarial, MBA. Profesora Universitaria Universidad Estatal de Bolívar.


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