Osteotomy and Corticotomy in dental movement acceleration: literature review

  • Jaime Sebastián Moncayo Pinos Universidad Católica de Cuenca | Cuenca | Ecuador
  • Sonia Maribel Pezantes Solano Universidad Católica de Cuenca | Cuenca | Ecuador
Keywords: Corticotomy; Osteotomy; Dental movement; Dental surgery; Dentistry.


In dentistry, remarkable advances have been made in recent decades with a focus on therapeutic efficiency and improving the patient experience, one of the key challenges in this field is to accelerate tooth movement, which can reduce the duration of orthodontic treatments and minimize the negative impact on periodontal tissues. The objective was to analyze the application of osteotomy and corticotomy in accelerated orthodontics. To conduct this review, a comprehensive search of scientific databases, from 2018 to 2023, in English and Spanish, controlled terms and descriptors related to osteotomy, corticotomy and accelerated tooth movement were used. Inclusion and exclusion criteria were applied. The 12 studies reviewed show that both corticotomy and osteotomy have a positive impact on tooth movement acceleration, reducing cortical bone density and decreasing resistance to tooth displacement, the efficacy of these techniques may vary. In conclusion both corticotomy and osteotomy are valuable surgical techniques in accelerated orthodontics, with the ability to modify the properties of the surrounding bone tissue and facilitate tooth movement.


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Author Biographies

Jaime Sebastián Moncayo Pinos, Universidad Católica de Cuenca | Cuenca | Ecuador

Odontólogo general y actual residente de la especialidad de Ortodoncia en la Universidad Católica de Cuenca

Sonia Maribel Pezantes Solano, Universidad Católica de Cuenca | Cuenca | Ecuador

Especialista en ortodoncia y Docente de posgrado de ortodoncia de la universidad católica de Cuenca.


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