Management of pylephlebitis as a post-appendectomy complication

  • Rodrigo Andrés Jordán Oña Universidad Técnica de Ambato | Ambato | Ecuador
  • Ivan Patricio Loaiza Merino Universidad Técnica de Ambato | Ambato | Ecuador
Keywords: pylephlebitis; acute appendicitis; thrombosis; portal vein; systematic review.


Pylephlebitis is a rare but serious complication, associated with risks such as liver abscesses, sepsis, and acute liver failure that results in post-appendectomy portal vein thrombosis. Therefore, the objective of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of care and management protocols for post-appendectomy pylephlebitis, in order to identify the best clinical practices and improve patient care. A systematic review of scientific literature was carried out, applying non-probabilistic convenience sampling 40 scientific works published between 2018 and 2023 were selected, using databases such as PubMed/Medline, Elsevier Scopus, Science Direct, and Taylor & Francis. The results revealed that post-appendectomy pylephlebitis has a low incidence, predominantly affecting men, with symptoms such as fever and abdominal pain. The most common causes are diverticulitis and acute appendicitis. The preferred treatment includes broad-spectrum antibiotics and, in some cases, anticoagulants. Research suggests the need for standardized care protocols to optimize the management of this complication.


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Author Biographies

Rodrigo Andrés Jordán Oña, Universidad Técnica de Ambato | Ambato | Ecuador

Interno Rotativo de Medicina del Hospital General Docente Ambato. Estudiante de la carrera de medicina de la Universidad Técnica de Ambato.

Ivan Patricio Loaiza Merino, Universidad Técnica de Ambato | Ambato | Ecuador

Especialista en Cirugía General y laparoscopía. Magister en Gerencia en Servicios de Salud. Médico tratante de cirugía general en Hospital General Ambato IESS, Hospital Santa Inés Ambato. Docente de Cirugía Universidad Técnica de Ambato. Docente de Internado Rotativo Universidad Autónoma de los Andes.


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