Educational system management improvement in a secondary education organization

  • Lubov K. Ilyashenko Tyumen Industrial University - Russia
  • Olga I. Vaganova Novgorod State Pedagogical University - Russia
  • Zhanna V. Smirnova Novgorod State Pedagogical University - Russia
  • Lyubov I. Kutepova Novgorod State Pedagogical University - Russia
  • Maxim M. Kutepov Novosibirsk State University - Russia
Keywords: educational organization, students, teachers, education, educational system, management, school, educational process, personality, management structure.


The purpose of the article is the development and implementation of a model for managing educational system in a secondary education organization. To implement the model within the school, experimental work was carried out. It was carried out during two years from 2017 to 2018 and included several stages. The article reveals the essence of education and management of educational system for personality development of future school graduates. The authors analyze the activities of the school in the city of Dzerzhinsk in order to identify ways to improve educational system and its management. At the end of experimental work, it was found out that introduction of a management model of educational system into school’s activities made it possible to increase the level of familiarization of students to various areas of educational activities. The trainees took part in three municipal target programs the content of which was represented by various educational activities that favorably affect students’ personality development. Consequently, innovations introduced into the management system in the educational system have a positive effect on students, which proves the effectiveness of the model developed by the authors.


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