Tun Mahathir’s administration of Malaysia’s relationship with Bangladesh: A preliminary appraisal

Keywords: Society; culture; economy; Malaysia; Bangladesh; Foreign Relations


This study examines the pertinency and materiality of Malaysia’s affiliation with Bangladesh. It presents the picture of deep reciprocal relationships in trading and investment, workforce issues, and the societal, religious and cultural exchange between Malaysia and Bangladesh that deserve elevated research to get ideas of a further snapshot. The historiographic approach and literature-based qualitative method apply to this research and uses written primary and secondary sources to gather information. Several published texts and archival documents examine to achieve the objective. In terms of significance, the result of this study would craft a narrative of a new spear of the economic relationships, societal circumstance, and cultural contact that especially evident during Tun Mahathir administration when he served Malaysia as the fourth Prime Minister that would deserve supplementary study. Furthermore, it would serve to understand the characteristics of the subsequent engagements of Malaysia with Bangladesh.


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Author Biography

M. Shahidul Islam Khondaker, University of Malaya - Malaysia

Master student of Arts and working on a research project entitled “Economic And Social Relations Between Malaysia And Bangladesh, 1981-2003” in the Department of History, University of Malaya, Malaysia. Earlier, he completed his graduation in history from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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