Propuesta de dossier

Dossier proposal

Each issue of Religación Journal has 4 sections:

Dossier section | General section | South-South section | Book reviews section.

The aim of the dossier section is to address a specific theme on the different realities and complexities experienced in the global south.

If you are interested in coordinating the dossier section of a regular issue, please download the dossier proposal form, fill in the information, and upload it to the next URL:


  • The topics of the dossier proposal must be in the line of social sciences or humanities with a global perspective.
  • Dossier proposals must be submitted by a maximum of three researchers from different countries and/or affiliations.
  • The Guest Editor must have the capacity to attract at least 5 articles for the dossier.
  • The publication of articles will be based on the merits of the authors, after acceptance by peer reviewers.
  • Articles should not come from authors from the same institution, and gender and geographical diversity of the authors of the articles should be ensured.



  • The technical team of the journal will elaborate on the arts and web page of the call for papers for its dissemination.
  • Once the articles have been received, the guest editor and the editor-in-chief of the journal will anonymously review them. Those whose subject matter is related to the dossier will be subject to the regular peer review process.
  • Articles that are approved by peer reviewers will be accepted and included in this section.
  • After the deadline for receipt and acceptance of articles, the editor-in-chief will notify the guest editor of a list of articles with their respective authors so that he/she can prepare the presentation text for the dossier section.