Dossier 28 || Fifty years of Anthropology in Ecuador: balance, contributions, and perspectives

CallForPapers Dossier Fifty years of Anthropology in Ecuador: balance, contributions, and perspectives  




• Deadline: March 15, 2021

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In the face of fifty years of professionalization of anthropology in Ecuador, the challenges that anthropologists face in the academic field, in applied practice, and in activism invite a deep reflection on the trajectory of Ecuadorian anthropology from its beginnings to the development it has had at present. For this reason, it is necessary to identify the common horizons and pending tasks of this discipline.

When analyzing the development of this social science, we find that the academy is the original matrix of anthropologies in Latin America. Since the recognition of the North Atlantic origin of anthropological science towards the end of the last century, its presence in the countries of the South is a result of a process of diffusion. However, in the present situation, the anthropologies of the South are not reducible to mere "extensions" or "replicas" of an original anthropological model. On the contrary, the ways of generating anthropological knowledge have characteristics that respond to the diversity of contexts and territories.

A brief tour of Ecuador's realities shows that anthropologists have been involved in all types of processes of social change, but they have also been the authors of a series of studies and analyses that make the social situation visible and visible, as well as providing accompaniment and activism in countless social processes.

This Dossier addresses the trajectories, challenges, and histories of the formation of this Social Science as a practice and as a theory in Ecuador. Among the topics of interest proposed:

Anthropology's contribution to the understanding of the socio-environmental environment and the Andean and Amazonian worlds
Anthropology in the studies of memory and heritage
Contributions to the study of urban cultures, social movements, and diversities in Ecuador
Anthropology challenges and contemporary debates in Ecuador
Anthropology, the public, the State, and politics
Ecuadorian Anthropology and Epistemologies from the South.