Issues on teaching listening in English classes and its principles

  • Shamansurov Shorasul Zhejiang University - China
Keywords: Listening comprehension, speech activities, language material, control, error, audio text, practical tasks.


The article analyzes issues related to improving and designing listening tasks in English classes and suggests effective techniques which can deal with the upcoming complications. Listening comprehension refers to phonetic, lexical, grammatical, and semantic comprehension of spoken speech. This means that students need to have phonetic, lexical, and grammatical skills to properly understand the content of the speech. Learning to understand and comprehend speech is a process that improves the learner’s ability to hear, develops memory and attention, and helps to differentiate sounds, to learn the meaning of lexical units, and the grammatical links between words. During this process, the reader’s brain’s analysis and synthesis activity begins, and the logic of the analyzers is interpreted. As a result, the learner’s listening and comprehension activities begin to develop, and the ability to listen to and understand ideas on specific topics begins to develop. These skills are transformed into skills through specialized exercises.


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