Call For Papers | Examination of Traditional Folk Dances in terms of Staging

Call for Papers • Volume 8 • Issue 37 • July-Spetember 2023   Examination of Traditional Folk Dances in terms of Staging.  

Guest Editor: 

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Sahin. Dicle University State Conservatory, Department of Turkish Folk Dance – Türkiye

Deadline: July 30, 2023

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Examination of Traditional Folk Dances in terms of Staging

Traditional dances, which have a very important place in folklore, started with the first people and have passed through many stages until today. In this journey, they have created a dance culture in which they express their own culture, geography, beliefs, entertainment, in short, their feelings and thoughts, and they have made this situation traditional as they continue these behaviors. They first performed these dances in which they told about their social structures, customs and traditions in natural environments, and then, as they gained popularity, they left their natural stages and performed them on the stage against larger audiences.

Today, Traditional Dances has become an art that takes its place in Performing Arts and finds its place in many platforms. Many professional dance groups are fed traditional dances. We know that Traditional Dance Festivals are held in many countries, and that they are taught in schools within the country's own government policies and exhibited on various stages, tourism-oriented stagings or traditional dance competitions are held, and special stages are prepared for these. Because of these situations, the staging of traditional dances becomes a subject that needs to be discussed in every aspect and discussed from different perspectives by being put on the table with an academic understanding.

 In this context, the proposal of this study is to reveal the situations in which Traditional Dances are exhibited at the National or International level, their positive or negative sides, experiences, ongoing discussions, arrangements, progress and research results analysis.


Subjects of Special Interest

The articles are expected to express critical reflections and problems of the theoretical and conceptual advances in the field for the following suggested topics: Staging of Traditional Dances, The Effect of Competitions on Traditional Dances, Contribution of International Festivals to Traditional Dances, Education of Traditional Dances in Academic Terms and Reflections on the Stage, The Relation of Staging and Music in Traditional Dances, Traditional Dances. Relation between Stage and Costume, Use of Stage Techniques in Traditional Dances.