Determinants of job performance in supermarkets in Santo Domingo, Ecuador

  • Marco Antonio Lara Salinas Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE, sede Latacunga – Ecuador
Keywords: Task performance; contextual performance; adaptive performance.


The analysis of job performance in supermarkets is a field under exploration where organizations have focused on the study of their determinants to meet the proposed objectives, for this it was considered that their skills should be studied and reinforced. The purpose of the work was to examine the determinants of job performance in the supermarkets of Santo Domingo from the perspective of the collaborators. The method used was factor analysis where the dimensions of the model used for the investigation were analyzed according to the correlational scope. The instrument consisted of 42 items and its reliability was 93%. The results revealed that the applied construct has perceived that supermarkets require the maximum benefit of their capabilities, which at the same time there is an improvement in performance and organizational growth. Finally, it was concluded that performance is directly influenced by determinants such as task performance and adaptive performance.


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Author Biography

Marco Antonio Lara Salinas, Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE, sede Latacunga – Ecuador

MBA mención Finanzas, Licenciado en Finanzas Contador Público – Auditor.


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