Implementation of the senior high school program in public schools in Pampanga, Philippines

Keywords: senior high school, implementation of educational programs, Education, Pampanga


This study is intended to describe and evaluate the implementation of high school in selected schools for the 2016-2018 academic years. Specifically, it found answers on the description of the schools; the evaluation of the pedagogical competencies of the teachers; the evaluation of the work habits, values, and skills of the students; the problems encountered, and the possible contributions to improve the program. A specifically convergent mixed method was used in parallel. The results show that the selected schools offer TVL, HUMSS, and ABM. They have an average of two hundred students or less. Most of their faculty members are with MA units. They observed the Department of Education's policies on admission, retention, and promotion. The dimensions of teaching competencies are considered effective to highly effective, while students' work habits, values, and skills are assessed as highly developed. Problems identified related to the adequacy of teaching materials, lack of stakeholder support, student performance, and the need for specialized teachers. Therefore, it is recommended to improve school facilities, hire teachers for specialized teachers, strengthen partnerships with the business industry, and train teachers in the latest teaching trends, as well as in technology, to make students globally competitive.


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Author Biographies

Jerame N. Gamboa, Don Honorio Ventura State University - Philippines

Doctor of Education. Associate Professor III, Laboratory High School, Don Honorio Ventura State University

Catherine G. Danganan, Don Honorio Ventura State University - Philippines

Associate Professor II, College of Education, Don Honorio Ventura State University. Areas of expertise are Social Sciences and Qualitative Research

Alberto G. Gamboa, Don Honorio Ventura State University - Philippines

Associate Professor III, College of Arts and Sciences, Don Honorio Ventura State University. A Doctor of Education, an environmentalist, and a biologist.

Aileen L. Koh, Don Honorio Ventura State University - Philippines

Assistant Professor II, Porac Campus, Don Honorio Ventura State University

Louie Fe S. Villanueva, Don Honorio Ventura State University - Philippines

Principal, Senior High School, Don Honorio Ventura State University


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