Fight back against segregation: the problem of ‘two schools under one roof’

  • Sarina Bakić University of Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Nermina Mujagić University of Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Keywords: autonomy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ‘two schools under one roof’, ethnopolitics, education, institutions.



Authors analyse and conceptually problematise specific phenomena of ‘two schools under one roof’ in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They argue that education in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been routinely exposed to various, contradicting demands and pressures, which result in, among other contradictions, ‘two schools under one roof’, which presents one of the world’s phenomenon within education. The authors are eager to present this specific education issue to the global public and provide some answers on various consequences, which appeared in this contemporary segregation form in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the significant objectives is to underline the concept in which education should be a human practice of cognition that is not determined by ideological currents. Furthermore, authors using several sociological and political science aspects regarding education, in general, will investigate and enlighten this specific phenomenon of segregation that is unique not only in the local but in the global context as well. The main objective of this article will be to present viable solutions on how ‘two schools under one roof’ can be altered or even abolished.



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Author Biography

Sarina Bakić, University of Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sociology of art and culture, sociology of everyday life, art and politics, mass culture phenomena


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Bakić, S., & Mujagić, N. (2021). Fight back against segregation: the problem of ‘two schools under one roof’. Religación, 6(27), 228-237.